Our first contact with Brisbane RVs was in 2013 when we called to check out the price of a new Retreat caravan.  We were actually on our way from Bundaberg to view a year old van on the south side of Brisbane.  To cut a long story short, we purchased a new van, identical in construction for the advertised used price.  Our dealing with Steve Tauzowski during this ordering and construction process was great.

Our new van arrived and the handover was done by Jack!  He was great, spent a lot of time with us explaining how everything should work and did work.  He also managed the few minor issues with the new van, and carried out the regular servicing that was required.  Jack was also helpful when booking the van in for regular services over the years by working with us to suit our needs.

In 2016 we arranged to purchase a new Universal caravan, through Steve again. After trading in our Retreat and travelling to Melbourne to take delivery of our new van, we found that it wasn’t built to our required specification.  When we contacted Steve regarding this issue he was great.  He immediately made arrangements for the deal to be cancelled, refunded our money without further question, and reregistered our van so that it was ready for us when we returned from Melbourne.

Due to reported illegal activity the ‘old’ Brisbane RV’S team is no longer, but I understand that Steve and his family have purchased the remnants of that business and started afresh.

The good news for the caravanning public is that the best parts of the ‘old’ team are still with him.  With Steve managing the overall business, Marty looking after the administration, and Jack back tending to the maintenance side of things, I know everything is all good again.

We look forward to continuing our association with Brisbane RVs and I highly recommend them to the entire caravanning community.

Yours faithfully
Steve and Viv


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