Paul Harrison
Kudos to the people at Brisbane RV. The additions to my 6 month old van came in right on budget and time. Replaced the battery with a lithium, added another solar panel, fitted the inverter and provided two 240 Volt outlets for the inverter, fitted an improved battery system regulator, fitted a hatch so that I can access the void under the bottom bunk from outside the van. And they washed it for me. Amongst all the supply chain difficulties and irate customers I know they are getting, I'm completely grateful and impressed. Thank you to Steve, Alec, Ethan, Michelle and others too numerous to mention, but I'm glad you're all there for us
Joh Meadows
PROBAR put us on to these guys for Caravan antennas and other Caravan specific products. They got a great range and helpful service. Great dealing with businesses that know their stuff. Will shop there regularly from now on.
We just purchased a 2 year old pre-loved van from Brisbane RV and had an amazing experience. From the very fist time of seeing it, right through to picking it up their service was superb. Everything they said they would do, they did. We had a few additions done and they were completed as promised. The handover was extensive and complete, and we were allowed to video it all for further reference. They fully explained every step of the purchasing process which made it a wonderful experience for us We would highly recommend Brisbane RV as real people who care about their customer experience. Thanks.
Max Herbert
I would like to thank Shane Ian and team at Brisbane r.v for helping out with a couple of issues door and hot water. Phoned ahead on way home, relising it was their first day back from holidays, Shane said stop in and we will see what we can help with. Both issues fixed, would like to say it was much appreciated.